Our practices

We assist our clients at each step of the development of their compensation and international assignment policies, to help them build, preserve and grow talents within their company.

  • Implementation of compensation policies and strategies
  • Employee share ownership
  • Profit-sharing and savings plans
  • Health and life insurance occupational schemes
  • Tax litigations
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  • International assignments management
  • Taxation of mobile employees
  • Executive corporate officers status
  • Split payroll
  • Virtual mobility
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  • Management of risks and obligations linked to prospection of the French market
  • Choice of the legal structure
  • Tax and social security status of employees of foreign companies in France
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  • Anticipation and prevention of litigation risks linked to termination of the contractual relationship, more particularly within the scope of international mobility
  • Assistance in chosing the termination modalities
  • Analyze of the tax and social security consequences for the company and the employee/manager
  • Implementation and management of the tax and social security consequences of departures, collectively or individually
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