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28th January, 2021
Magellan Network: Webinar International Mobility News

Immigration and social security news related to #BREXIT by Stéphanie Le Men-Tenailleau, GALAHAD LEGAL, Matthew Fox and Bina Gayadien, Abbiss Cadres LLP ;

10th December, 2020
ORAS International

The consequences of the COVID-19 crisis

  1. Work from anywhere? how to manage telework from abroad? social security and tax aspects, payroll management.
  2. What are the effects on the remuneration of mobile workers? application of temporary tax agreements with States bordering France, other situations?
  • Céline FAUCONNIER, International Mobility and C&M Director, VINCI
  • Gunther VALKENBORG, LOYENS & LOEFF Brussels
19th November, 2020
Germany: Country Focus Day with the Magellan Network

News and points of attention in taxation for inbound and outbound employees in Germany 


  • Susanne Hierl, Partner, RÖDL & PARTNER - Germany
  • Stéphanie LE MEN-TENAILLEAU, Partner & Co-founder, GALAHAD
12th March, 2020
Plenary Meeting - Magellan International Mobility Club

Commuting, Business Travelers and multi-states workers : which good practices and risks in addressing an increasingly restrictive compliance duty?

20th November, 2019 to 21st November, 2019
24H of International Exhibition

Our workshops:

  • DSN or PASRAU, what about foreign employers?
  • New wage tax withholding system and specific schemes for mobile employees
  • Within and outside the EU: Specific issues linked to multistate workers, commuters and business travellers
  • French inbound expatriate regime (section 155 B of the French tax code)
  • 183 days rule in France: from myth to reality; Legal and economic employer notions
  • PACTE law and inbound expatriates: possible exemption from pension contributions in France.
18th June, 2019
ORAS International: Update on the consequences of Brexit regarding immigration and social security - Wage tax withholding for mobile employees and foreign employers
20th May, 2019  —  Lisbon, Portugal
17th Biennial IPEBLA Conference - Lisbon

IPEBLA Executive Compensation – Stock Options and Other Equity Incentives

12th April, 2019
ORAS: International Assignments - The expatriate's difficult migration to a less costly status

Interview of Adeline Bonnerat, Compensation & Benefits Manager - Unibail Rodamco Westfield

21st March, 2019
Magellan Network General Meeting: Brexit - Consequences of a No Deal from a social security perspective
7th February, 2019
ORAS Workshop: C&B news for 2019

Profit Sharing – Complementary Health insurance – Compensation - Tax and legal news

23rd November, 2018
ORAS Workshop: News on the new wage tax system and on the PACTE draft law
14th November, 2018 to 15th November, 2018
24 hours for International Congress
  • Managing a Short Term Assignment;
  • How to deal with an international assignment;
  • International posting of workers: technical and practical issues;
  • New wage tax withholding system: which impacts on mobile employees?
29th March, 2018  —  Chez Fidere Avocats - 12 rue de Lincoln 75008 Paris
New Wage tax collection system in France : Employers, are you ready?
22nd March, 2018
Magellan Network Annual Meeting: Multiple Activities within and outside the EU
14th March, 2018
24h Chrono for the International

On-line show live on 14th March 2018

1st February, 2018
ORAS - New wage tax system collection in France: update
22nd June, 2017
Split Payroll, Multiple activities, Complex mobility situations: Management of the tax, social security and payroll issues: The France-Belgium example
24 Heures Chrono de l'International 2017
17th January, 2017 to 18th January, 2017
2017 24 Hours Chrono for International

To watch the show, click here.

26th May, 2016
ORAS - Remuneration of executives: Where are we?
1st April, 2016
ORAS International - Tax impacts of inbound international assignments
8th October, 2015
RH&M : Convention Compensation - Employee shareholders , news in France and abroad
1st May, 2015 to 29th May, 2015  —  Bruxelles
Conference l’IPEBLA – Cross-Border Insolvency – Piercing the Corporate Veil (Sponsoring Employer and Liability of Related Entities)
19th March, 2015
ORAS International - High level executives compensation optimizations in France and abroad
5th February, 2015  —  Magellan
Tax Update 2015 tax changes in Europe
9th October, 2014
RH&M : Remuneration Convention
1st January, 2013 to 31st December, 2013  —  Rome
Conference IPEBLA – Cross-Border Mobility of employees